Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Merry Month of March

Even though March came in like a lion, the last few days have certainly been more lamb-like! We have been busily unpacking lots of fun things...and some of our most anticipated items have arrived in the last few days. We are excited to show them to you!

Trapp Candles!! If you are not familiar with this brand, you will love them.  The fragrances are incredible and the poured candles come in one of the prettiest boxes I have ever seen. We have both the poured candles and votives available.  Lovely for your own home and terrific as gifts, there are scents to please everyone who is a candle lover!

Candylights light strands and bulbs look so pretty you want to eat them! There are light strands with the mini bulbs, 5 watt bulbs for things like nightlights, and 7 watt bulbs for chandeliers.  These are precious right now for Easter! Lots of colors are available.

Have you ever seen Mark Roberts fairies dancing and riding a carousel?  If not, come on in! This is the last year for the mechanical animated fairies, so we have these 2 styles...and when they're gone, they're gone! Come in to see them, they are so wonderful!

Sock monkeys continue to be so popular (have you seen the ad where the toys take the car out and party overnight?) and now they have friends! They are too stinking cute for words!

Lots of the individual themed ornaments for professions, music, sports, hunting, fishing, and so on are back in stock. Shop early for the best selection on these...many styles were sold out completely by July last year and we were unable to re-order them!


And last but not least...the sale section is beginning to dwindle! There are still some great bargains, but these are going fast, so come check out the savings (60% off the original price!) while they are still here!

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